Give time to get together
with friends to PRAY

The mission of Hope For Living is to bring true hope to the survivors of the March 11, 2011 tsunami and nuclear disaster in northern Japan, especially through short films of Japanese who have found hope in Christ, even in similar hardships.

PUSH stands for “Pray Until Something Happens.” We believe the time is ripe for Japan to turn to God, and we want to encourage prayer in a deeper and more concerted way for Japan, both from within and from outside the country. We want to pray in unity with our siblings in the Lord, and this is where you and your ministry come in.

How to PUSH

If you are having a prayer meeting for Japan, or for the nations, and Japan comes up, or even if you are led to pray for Japan in a small group, when the meeting is finished, could one person who was there, sum it up in a short video? Record it on an iPhone, Android, laptop, tablet or camera for just one to two minutes.

The purpose of capturing the content of your group’s prayers is two-fold:

1. to give other praying groups and individuals ideas about how to pray for Japan, and

2. to encourage Japanese Christians and missionaries in Japan, with the assurance that they are backed with prayer in their efforts to reach this nation of people for Christ.

3 Easy Steps

? After you get together to pray for Japan, take a 1-2 minute video summary of the prayer meeting.
? Use any smart phone or video camera that you are most comfortable with.

? Plug the device into your computer and transfer the video.

? Open your web browser and go to
? Drag the video into the web browser.
? Type into “Friend’s email” and put your email address into “Your email”.
? Click the ‘Transfer‘ button.